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Misconduct can affect support awards 02.12.2015

What does “no fault” divorce really mean in Missouri?

Conduct does not impact grounds for divorce There is sometimes a misconception that as Missouri is a “no-fault” state,  misconduct during [&hellip…

Close friends holding hands 11.13.2014

Is it a Good Idea to Bring a Friend to Your Consultation with Your Lawyer?

An initial consultation with a lawyer, particularly when relating to a family matter, can be a stressful time, making it difficult [&hellip…

woman and man arm wrestling 04.24.2014

Is Divorce Mediation Bad for Women?

It is occasionally asked whether mediation is bad for women. The assumption in asking this question is that women may [&hellip…

negotiation--cooperation--hand-shaking--works_3264118 01.20.2014

Mediation Options in the Midst of Litigation

In an ideal divorce mediation process, the couple begins the dissolution of their marriage by meeting with the mediator, rather [&hellip…

Working on settlement 04.23.2013

Drafting Settlement Agreements

Even the most contentious divorces more often end in an agreement rather than a trial.  Therefore it’s as important that [&hellip…

path2 01.03.2013

A Mediation Roadmap

If you are considering mediation, you may be wondering about the details of the process.  Each mediation process is as [&hellip…