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Family law issues usually come about in the midst of times of emotional crisis, times when it’s tough to make decisions or think about the future with any certainty.

At Amato Family Law, we work to keep the overall emotional health of families in mind during these transitions while coming to the best possible resolution for our clients.

Our family law firm offers mediation, collaborative law and litigation experience in matters such as divorce, custody, modifications and paternity. We understand the situation you’re in and will assist you in understanding the issues and finding solutions that work for you and your family as we navigate the legal process.

What are the legal issues in Family Law?

  • Child Custody

    Missouri law focuses heavily on the child’s best interests. The impact of divorce on children can be greatly reduced when parents cooperate in the custody agreements.

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  • Child Support

    The term ‘Child Support’ encompasses far more than a simple payment arrangement for day-to-day expenses. College tuition, school supplies, and child care costs are among the many issues decided upon in child support arrangements.

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  • Paternity

    Formalization of paternity is required in Missouri to establish parental rights for biological fathers. Collaboration between parents can eliminate many of the more complex, difficult aspects of establishing paternity and securing parental rights.

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  • Modifications

    Post-divorce modifications are frequently sought when there is a substantial change in the circumstances of one of the involved parties.

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  • Prenuptial Agreements

    Prenuptial agreements can be difficult to enforce if not well-written and comprehensive. An attorney is an important part of this complex legal agreement.

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