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Child Support

What’s at stake?

In addition to child support payment issues, decisions regarding your children’s medical insurance coverage, medical expenses, extracurricular expenses, child care costs, college costs and tax benefits may also need to be addressed as part of the process of determining a child support award.

While in Missouri, the “Form 14” Missouri Child Support Guidelines provide a method to arrive at a child support award, there are many factors that go into calculation of the guideline amount and the guidelines are not appropriate in all circumstances.

Revisiting and making changes to child support

Child support decisions may also be modified upward or downward if there is a substantial change in circumstances. We are available to advise you in your child support proceedings, whether part of an initial dissolution of marriage or paternity proceeding or a possible modification of an existing order.

As each case is different, please call us to schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your situation.

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