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The Divorce Process

Understanding Your Options


Non-Contested “Kitchen Table”

About this method

If a divorce is truly “non-contested” all matters have been settled and agreed upon by the parties before papers are filed with the courts. The outline of a settlement is developed by both parties, with one taking it to a lawyer who prepares the papers necessary to submit it to the courts.


  • Generally only one party has an attorney, and the unrepresented party must carefully consider the document they agree to without guidance of their own attorney.
  • Uncontested divorces usually take less time than other methods.
  • Usually involves the lowest up front costs.
  • This is a process with little formality. If chosen when not appropriate for you, it can result in long-term mistakes.

How do I know if a non-contested divorce is right for me?

Non-contested divorce is most appropriate for marriages where there are few assets, there is a low level of conflict, there is an equal understanding of financial situation, the parties are able to negotiate, and there is a strong desire to keep costs low.

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