Divorce Mediation and Yoga: What I’ve Learned

During my months of 200-hour yoga teacher training, I was regularly struck with the overlap of yoga and mediation practice.  Looking to see if others had experienced this as well, of course, I asked Google. What I found was much about yoga and meditation as well as some posts about yoga and mediation, which are really about meditation but misspelled!  

As I continue my own self-study following my training, I’ll be thinking about this further. The yoga teachings of non-violence (including in our language, so important in mediation), and compassion (to ourselves and others), as well as the skills of being present, balanced, keeping a steady mind and a stable core,  even through “heat” are some of the more obvious areas where yoga practice on the mat can be applied to mediation practice “off the mat”.

Learning something new has given me a new and interesting filter through which to look at mediation and conflict resolution work. ~ namaste!