The Divorce Process

The decision to dissolve your marriage is a difficult one, as is the path through this major life transition.

In addition to understanding the substantive issues, care should be taken at the outset of your divorce to choose a method to resolve your divorce or other family law conflict that is best suited to your family situation and that is most likely to lead to a successful resolution.

The lawyers of Amato Family Law are here to make sure that you understand each method and the impact it will have on your family relationships both now and in the future. Each option should be carefully evaluated for cost, length of time of the process, treatment and consideration of children and property, your current financial situation, your relationship with the other party or parties involved, and your own need for support and assistance.

We can assist you in evaluating and understanding your legal options, rights and responsibilities both as to the process you will use in the event of a dissolution of marriage and the range of possible outcomes. If you would like a consultation about the details of your unique circumstances, contact us to schedule a confidential appointment.

The four basic methods of resolution:

Collaborative divorce
Divorce involves legal, financial, and strong emotional issues. If you are interested in a settlement process that provides professional assistance in each of these aspects of your divorce, with a commitment to working towards a resolution that works for you, your spouse, and your children, then collaborative divorce should be considered. Collaborative divorce can be effective in both simple and complex situations. Learn More
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