What’s Up at the Courthouse

We’re months into the pandemic and there’s still no clear end in sight.  You may be wondering if it’s possible to move forward in a divorce or modification before we’re back to “normal”.   The short answer is yes.

Physical access to the courthouse is still limited and varies week to week, and county by county as the local situation evolves.  However, most judges are now hearing proceedings by phone or video conference and this has been surprisingly successful.  Many lawyers and clients have appreciated the convenience of saving the trip to the courthouse and travel and waiting time this involves.  While more complex matters may be delayed until we return to in person hearings, progress towards those dates can also still be made.  

If you’re hoping to move forward in a non-adversarial manner non-contested divorces, mediation and collaborative divorces have all moved successfully to video conference.  Of course there are pros and cons, but as all have become more accustomed to meeting in this manner, my guess is that some will prefer video conference sessions even post-Covid.

We have all had to test our flexibility and creativity in moving forward in our lives.  While there are many challenges in restructuring a family, pandemic or not, the inability to meet in person is one that is surmountable.